STM32F05x microcontroller

I work as a lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences.

One of the courses I teach is about the STM32F05x microcontroller that is used on the STM32F0-DISCOVERY board. The course material is available on this website.

STM32F05x Introduction
STM32F05x Lesson 1: GPIO
STM32F05x Lesson 2: USART
STM32F05x Lesson 3: Standard Peripheral Driver Library
STM32F05x Lesson 4: Timers/Counters & PWM
STM32F05x Lesson 5: ADC/DAC
STM32F05x Lesson 6: I2C
STM32F05x Lesson 7: DMA

Bit manipulation

Or jump to a collection of demonstration projects with topics that are not covered in the lessons.

STM32F05x Example projects